Fortified Man Program
An 8-Week Self-Guided Yoga Journey
Deepen your personal practice
and embody more power, love and wisdom

Do you know feel stuck in the fear, grief and anxiety of current times?


Do you know, deep down, that now is the time to

take your daily home yoga practice to the next level?


Do you crave a space to be witnessed and held by a group of powerful and inspiring men?

If you responded “yes” to any of these questions,


Breathe new life into your daily experience with a

structured and consistent group program.

  • Learn the code of the human energy system and the elements that support to it

  • Transform your understanding of your own mind and body with daily movement, breath and meditation techniques

  • Kick start your daily practice with this totally adaptable yoga framework

  • Feel more resiliency, power and vitality in your daily life!

The chakra model is an ancient yogic symbol system

that corresponds to the energy centers of the body.

The system corresponds to points that are vertically aligned in the body and even extend above the head and below the feet.  This system is not unique to yoga, in fact it is found within many other teachings and beliefs (Chinese medicine, Jewish mysticism, e.g.).


The transformational potential of this “secret” teaching of yoga is often overlooked and diminished in Western Society.  Chakra-colored sunglasses, chakra art t-shirts and other spiritual consumerisms overshadow the power and sanctity of this teaching (among many others).


However, there are living traditions of ancient yoga that continue to transmit the essence of the true power of this symbol system.  My teacher Gary Kraftsow committed his life to this knowledge in his studies in India with his teachers Krishnamacharya and Desikachar.  


Viniyoga, as our tradition is called, means “yoga properly adapted to the practitioner”.  These practices integrate movement, breath, and meditation in a way that is appropriate and impactful.  This tradition emphasizes simplicity, breath-consciousness and the function of the practice, rather than the form.


Practicing these techniques on a daily basis for an extended period of time allows us to gain insight into our conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior, thought and emotion.  


Once we see these patterns, we can begin to break free of them, if we so choose.


Applying this multi-dimensional approach to the chakra model creates a systematic approach for real inner work.  Practicing and journaling every day for an extended period of time will reveal deep self-knowledge.  And sharing the experience in a supportive community takes the potency to yet another level.


This integrated practice, when done consistently and continuously, leads to profound transformation.


Are you ready to transform your body, mind and energy?


Do not wait any longer to experience this multifaceted experiential chakra learning program.

Fortifed Man Program is an 8-week self-led yoga immersion.  
We focus on each chakra for a week and then move up to the next.  
The final week we weave them all together.
Each Week You Receive:

  • ONE 60-minute video yoga practice for each chakra                  + diagrammatic yoga flow PDF
  • ONE 10-20 minute quickie video practice
  • ONE Meditation: 10 minutes; scribed
  • Chanting resources (MP3s and PDFs)

  • Weekly challenges and journal prompts

  • Lifetime access to the program

Course tuition is $1500

And no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Email me if you need support.