Chakra Balancing Practice

Thank you for taking some YOU time!  This 15-minute practice integrates movement, breath, voice and meditation.  I invite you to try this practice for a full week and see how you feel.

Despite what we may be seeing in mainstream culture, yoga is not about your yoga studio, guru or how many calories you burn.  It is about getting to know the REAL you, in your REAL environment.  Yoga is about your personal daily practice that helps you get centered in your own home.  Everyone's practice should be unique to their personal needs.

That said, this practice may not actually balance your chakras.  There may be something about the movement, breath or or even about ME as a teacher, that agitates you.  IT IS UP TO YOU TO TAKE ANY VARIATIONS OR BREAKS during this practice that help you feel a sense of calm.  This practice is merely a suggestions, please take liberty to make it yours.

If this practice resonates with you feel inspired to work with me to cultivate your truest, most effective personal practice, great.  If you want to learn more about chakras, also great.  Here is a link to my upcoming group program Chakra Metamorphosis.  And here is my email address if you want to set up a private session, or if you have any questions or just want to say "hey":

And please leave a comment at the bottom of the page when you complete the practice!

Happy Breathing,


PS: If you know somebody that you think would benefit from this practice, send them this link.