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A Free 15-Minute Chakra Balancing Practice

Thank you for taking your health and happiness into your own hands.

Simple practices like these, done daily over an extended period of time, will help you learn about who you are on a profound level. 15 minutes each day using integrated breath + movement + sound + meditation is all it takes.

Try this practice seven days straight and let me know how you feel.


Andrew Belinsky RYT-500 is a yogic counselor and music facilitator who's on a mission to inspire joy and wellness in individuals and communities across the globe. He leads online group programs and retreats that are designed to help people activate their inner healer using daily movement, breath and meditation practices. He is the creator of Chakra Metamporphosis, a 4-Month Online Group Program. Find more information at www.AndrewBelinsky.com He currently lives in San Diego with his wife Flow and daughter Eva.

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