Sovereign Lover

A Weekend Retreat in Nature for the Hearts of Men


w/ Andrew Belinsky and Devin Fredericksen


March 27-29th, 2020 in Idyllwild, CA


An intimate experience for 24 men max

Why Sovereign Lover:

Humanity is awakening to the realities of the sexual shame and trauma that pervade modern times.

One need look no further than the behavior of our own heads of state, church officials, boy scout leaders, #metoo movement, etc to see that we are not being shown what it means to truly honor our bodies and the bodies of others.

Porn addiction, rape culture and the isolation and loneliness that ensues is wreaking havoc on men and woman, young and old.

Now is the time for men to reclaim their relationship to their bodies, their sex and their lovers .

As we have done since the dawn of humanity, we must learn and practice in the safety of brotherhood so that we can apply the wisdom, power and love of the sovereign lover to our family, career, community and romantic relationships.

Who this is for:

Any person who calls himself a “man” (non-cis, GBTQ all welcome)

Any man who holds stigma and trauma/shame around his sexuality

Any man who wants to be the best lover and partner possible

Any man who wants to be more grounded

Any man who is tired of old patterns and limiting beliefs

Any man who wants to tap into the orgasmic bliss of embodiment 

Any man seeking permission to expose his body with more freedom

Any man looking to experience more intimacy in his life

Any man who is confused about the difference between

sexuality and sensuality

Any man looking to reclaim a healthy image of his own body

Any man looking to breakthrough homophobia or fear

of brotherly love

Any man ready to fully embrace his power and his turn-on


Men Will Come Away With:

An embodied reconnection to True Self Love and Acceptance


An awakening of Sexual Life Force

A deepened level of Self Forgiveness and feeling of

Safety in the body

A deepened Bond of Connection to Brotherhood

A clearing of Sexual Stigma and creating of more space to let Love in

A reprogramming, rediscovering and embracing of the True You

A reclamation of Inner Wholeness and Sovereignty

A deepened understanding of Masculine/Feminine, Polarity

and Union dynamics

A sense of Ease and Confidence around other Men, Humans

and in Nature

An openness to give and receive more Pleasure

Three Levels of Involvement:


Bronze Package:

Retreat + Private Facebook Group + Orientation Group Call

Silver Package:

Bronze Package + 1 Month Integration Group Container (4 calls)

Gold Package:

Silver Package + 1-on-1 Coaching

(2 60-min Coaching Calls; Andrew and/or Devin)




This is a campout. Bring your own tent and camping gear. 



Meals are included and will consist of healthy, local, organic and in-season ingredients as much as possible. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated. 



Onsite parking is available and carpooling is highly encouraged and will be facilitated. Idyllwild is an easy 2 hr drive from San Diego and LA.


The Medicine:

Shadow Work

Healthy Masculine Contact

Masculine/Feminine Archetypal Embodiment

Nutritional Alchemy

Wilderness Rite of Passage

Cacao Ceremony

Cold Plunge

Sexual Energy Training

Fire Purification


Embodied Vocal Alchemy

Daily Yoga

Silent Integration Time




Friday Check In 3-5 pm - Sunday Check Out 4pm

What to bring:

Towel, sarong/shawl, toiletries, sacred altar items, layerable clothes for 30-70 degrees, tent, sleeping bag, earplugs, headlamp, daypack, journal, large water bottle, sun protection, sacred sound instruments 



Other Notes:

Parts of this weekend will be clothing optional.

Each man is encouraged to honor his own sovereign choice in this and all activities on the weekend.

This weekend is about cultivating a space for men to experience the love and power of healthy sexual life force energy.

This means:

A) Sexual shaming will not be tolerated

B) Promiscuous sexual behavior will not be allowed. (Violators will be asked to leave the weekend and will not be refunded).


Due to the sensitive nature of the work done on this weekend, all men are required to fill out this application (or scroll down) for this weekend and then participate in a brief phone call

w/ Andrew or Devin.

About the Facilitators:

Andrew Belinsky

A husband, father and recovering "Mr. Nice Guy," Andrew Belinsky is the true embodiment of an empowered partner.  He settles for nothing less than living into his bigness and with unwavering compassion he supports men to do the same.  
Andrew lives by the credo "connection is the cure for addiction" and is boldly committed to modeling radical vulnerability in the circles he facilitates. As a guide he stands for uninhibited permission for all humans to be seen, to feel, and to express. 


Andrew's background as a yogic counselor, musician, teacher, minister, facilitator and transformational coach allows him to support men into their power in a truly unique and potent way.  


As creator of Jed.i Husband Training, Andrew reaches men all over the world through online and live programming that teach men how to center themselves, control their own emotions and create relationships beyond their wildest dreams.


Based in Bend, Oregon, Andrew teaches and facilitates at premiere institutions around the world including Rancho la Puerta, Golden Door, Sacred Sons and the Soul of Yoga where he trains teachers.  You can follow his doings at

Devin Fredericksen

Devin Fredericksen is devoted to helping people reconnect to themselves, each other, and Mother Earth. He specialises in sacred connection and conscious sexuality, permaculture, and is also an ecstatic chef and regenerative farmer. Devin facilitates local and international retreats, workshops and nature-based immersion’s on sacred masculinity and brotherhood. 

He is inspired in helping people integrate intimacy into every moment. By weaving these elements together, Devin offers a unique perspective that will truly create the opportunity to live in harmonious relationship with ourselves. The remembering that we are all stewards of our beautiful Earth Mother is essential for a thriving future. Devin is also a child of Mother Earth, a son to a mother, and a brother to a sister. He believes that how we treat Mother Earth is how we ultimately treat and respect women. Devin is unable to sit back complacent anymore and supports the rising feminine to be fully met by the regenerating masculine. He believes that shifting our relationship towards sexuality will help to heal and repair our relationship with Mother Earth.