Vocal Liberation Program
A 12-Week Self-Study
to Unlock Your Most Resonant + Confident Voice

When You Join the Vocal Liberation Program You Will:

+ Heal yourself through innovative sound practices +

+ Access and develop your authentic soul expression +

+ Break through old and limiting beliefs and patterns +

It’s time for you to rewrite the old, limiting stories

you hold about your voice.  


These disempowering beliefs are holding you back,

not only from singing with joy and freedom,

but also from speaking your truth.  

Our voices are the most power tool and direct access point to rewrite our personal stories and shift our mood.

Do you believe you have a bad voice or that you can’t sing?

Does your voice break or crack when you are under stress?

Are you sometimes afraid to speak your truth?

Do you have stuck tension in your throat and jaw?

Do you want to be able to access your creative flow state more easily?


If you responded “yes” to any of these questions,

you are ready for a transformation of VOICE, BODY & ENERGY!

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The Program Includes:

Unlimited access to twelve 30-minute audio lessons that teach and guide you in the Vocal Liberation techniques


​​​Downloads of exclusive and unreleased original instrumental songs for you to practice your freestyle vocal techniques 


- Free forgiveness integrated movement and sound practice download

- Free immunity boosting integrated movement and sound practice download

Course tuition is $1500

Financial aid is available.

Email me if you need support.